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Let's go WTO! Brexiteer Jenkyns urges MPs to EMBRACE no deal Brexit

January 9, 2019 9:40 PM
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Let's go WTO! Brexiteer Jenkyns urges MPs to EMBRACE no deal Brexit

PROMINENT Brexiteer MP Andrea Jenkyns defiantly urged MPs on Wednesday to “stand up for democracy” and “embrace a clean Brexit”.

Ms Jenkyns told the Commons it is time Britain puts “the ball firmly in our court” and takes the “upper hand” in the Brexit process with the European Union by leaving on World Trade Organisation (WTO) rules and “triumphing”. The Tory Brexiteer referenced the Prime Minister’s ‘no deal is better than a bad deal’ mantra and said: “I would rather leave on WTO." Ms Jenkyns continued: “I say that it is time that we put the ball firmly in our court and now take the upper hand in these negotiations.

“The EU fear us leaving on WTO terms as it will give Britain the competitive advantage. So let us fully embrace a clean Brexit. Leaving on WTO is not something we should fear.”

The backbencher MP added: “A better deal was available and still is available. The Brexit deal was never only a choice between the Prime Minister’s deal and averting to only WTO rules.

“This place is often divided by its very nature. But one thing that does unite this place is our belief that the British people are remarkable and can succeed no matter the obstacle.

“Our great history shows that we can overcome any hurdle and we always triumph. This deal is a submission and the British people should never accept a bad deal.”

Ms Jenkyns warned the Brexit deal is “Remain masquerading as Leave” as she urged MPs to “believe in Britain and respect the result of the referendum”.


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