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Strictly Come Dancing 2016: week one, Saturday – as it happened

September 24, 2016 6:55 PM
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Strictly Come Dancing 2016: week one, Saturday – as it happened

Daisy Lowe stole the show and Ed Balls did the waltz - here's what you missed during Strictly's second live show

Elton John once said Saturday night's all right for dancing and we're in firm agreement with the piano man as we sit down for the first Strictly LIVE Saturday of the 2016 season!

Last night things got off to a flying start for the first six celebs as Judge Rinder and Greg Rutherford leapt across the dance floor and tonight the remaining nine celebrities - including Ed Balls, Daisy Lowe and Will Young – take to the floor and is here to guide you through all the action.

I'm Sarah Doran and I'll join you LIVE in the ballroom from 6.30pm but stick with us here on the blog as we build up to a FAB-U-LOUS night of Strictly dance drama.

8.00pm And that's it from me and this week's Strictly live blog. It's been real you guys. For now I'm hanging up my sparkles and preparing to hand you over to my colleagues for next weekend's ballroom dance bonanza.

I'll be waltzing back into your living rooms again later in the series so until then... KEEEEEEEP DANCING!

7.57pm Here's how the Strictly leaderboard is looking after tonight's show...

These scores will be carried over to next week, when us mere mortals get to have our say!

7.53pm Two 8s (Craig and Darcey) and two 7s (Len and Bruno) give Will and Karen 30, which isn't quite enough to catch Daisy and Aljaz who sit pretty at the top of the leaderboard with 32.

7.50pm Love a bitta David Bowie of a Saturday night. But did the judges love Will?

"The hold was a little bit wide" says Len. "Not quite checkmate but an excellent performance."

"It was like watching a passion play in three acts" says Bruno, though he does warn Will to be careful with the technique.

"The feet were a little bit turned out in places" says Craig, but there's a great big "LOVE".

Darcey loved the attack and power. She's not sure about that top line but thinks Will is packed full of potential.

7.46pm Ooooh two 6s (Craig and Darcey) and two 7s (Len and Bruno) give Claudia 26. That's a little lower than many might have expected.

7.43pm Darcey says they're adorable and the tricks are great, but they need a little more magic in the actual dance moves.

Len's not got over Zayn leaving One Direction and he's not a big punter for gymnastics in dances. He thinks it needs to be "a little more action packed".

"She's so cute, you want to take her home" says Bruno, who thinks the gymnastic mindset might be interrupting the flow of the dance."You'll get it next week."

"I thought it was a bit stompy, a little bit square" says Craig, but he gives Claudia props for the acrobatics and compliments her for doing them all in heels.

7.40pm Claudia's score is only going in One Direction after that dance... and we'd guess it's up.

7.34pm "Better luck next time" says Craig who describes it as "all a bit ex council".

"You're out of the shadow cabinet and into the dancing spotlight" says Len, who describes Ed as the kind of person who Strictly is all about. "I was pleasantly surprised" says Len.

"Surprisingly Conservative" and "overall very politically correct" Bruno adds.

7.33pm Ah here, are they trying to taunt poor Ed with a ballad about him lonesome post GE15 political career?

Or maybe he's just going to dedicate it to Owen Smith after today's Labour Leadership election...

7.27pm Bruno says Anastacia lost the choreography but is expecting great things from her down the line.

"Absolute filth and bordering on indecency, which I loved" says Craig.

"You are certainly a supple chick" says Darcey. "If you can do that with a Cha Cha I can't wait for the Argentine Tango."

"As you bent over, I think I saw the Rocky Mountains" says Len. "I enjoyed it very much."

7.22pm We got a bit excited there when Claudia made that awful elf joke.

We're guessing they'll hold Ed until last because, let's face it, he's the dancer everyone's waiting for.

"It was a corker" says Len of the first Paso of the series. "You made it fun somehow, I thought it was terrific."

Bruno says Tameka was chewing the scenery and he loved it but adds that she needs to "extend the shaping a little bit more".

"Well you certainly owned the stage my darling" says Craig. "I noticed you planked to the floor like an RSJ but you survived and it was gorgeous."

7.10pm Darcey's left speechless by a man who can move his hips while Len's deemed Danny to be a definite contender.

The head judge says there's a little too much stage-y dancing for him but he's giving Danny a thumbs up.

Bruno says "it was everything I wanted" and loved the hip action. "Wham bam thank you m'am."

7.07pm Danny Mac's up and atom with Oti. We haven't seen soapy snake hips like those since Jake Wood slithered around the ballroom!

7.00pm A sobbing Daisy is clearly moved but her tears are doing nothing to deter Craig.

"I found it a bit saccharine" he begins, before telling her she danced it beautifully.

Darcey loved the "lilting and flowing action" and says it gave her shivers but tells Daisy to use her limbs.

"I was looking for a Daisy and I found an English rose" says Len. "I don't think I've seen a dance better than that for week one ever".

"This season the beauties keep coming" says Bruno, "and you are dazzling Daisy".

6.58pm Ah bless. Daisy's doing it for her grandad and it's actually quite sweet.

And what a sweet waltz with Aljaz. Could she be the next Abbey Clancy?

6.56pm It's a devilish 4, 6, 6, 6 for Melvin from the judges. A 22 will put him at the bottom of the pile.

6.53pm "I need a cocktail after that" says Bruno who thought it was fun but was disappointed with the lack of hip action.

Craig says "it's put me in a wooden mood, darling... an ironing board is more stiff down below".

Darcey says he'll be fine with a little more work and a little more hip action, but thinks "the performance was down to a tee."

"I'm not going to go loco over it says Len" who thinks Craig is a bit grumpy tonight. He thinks it was fun and gives Melvin a "good on ya!".

6.51pm Is Melvin O-doomed? We're a bit distracted by his trousers... although they aren't a patch on Ore's.

The scores of 8, 7, 8 and 8 put Kevin and Louise right on top with 31.

6.45pm "That floated my boat" says Len, not all together unexpectedly.

Bruno says "the style was absolutely perfect" and is happy to overlook any minor flaws. "I'm telling you as a debut it was extraordinary".

Craig's not afraid to point out messy turns but tells Louise it was "outstanding" for a first foray on the floor.

6.40pm First up is Louise, who's dancing with Kevin from Grimsby. Louise is this year's Gareth Gates - because while everyone wants Will Young to win, they think she will.

6.34pm A lovely little reminder that Strictly is a FAAAAAAMILY show right there.

It's all sweetness and light, while X Factor's gearing up to kicks people out of seats on ITV later.

6.32pm Look at them all. So fresh faced. So hopeful. So aware that they're about to be GIFed out of their skin for our viewing pleasure.

6.28pm Well. We were Pointless! And you know what else is Pointless? Doing anything but putting the kettle on! It's ALMOST Strictly time.

6.23pm The Strictly sofa panel Chez Sarah is putting forth Kelly Bishop as our Pointless answer. She plays Baby's ma in Dirty Dancing, but you'll know her best as Emily Gilmore.

6.20pm Judge Rinder totally knows what it feels like to get the lowest scoring answer on Pointless.

6.15pm So those disguised celebs are.... Billy Crystal, Bill Nighy, Jim Carrey, Zoe Saldana and Jennifer Lawrence?

6.13pm OOOOOOOOOOH. C IS Nicola Roberts. And here's the song. Good shout Sophie!

A is Lego House by Ed Sheeran, I Think We're Alone Now by Tiffani, no idea on C, and Look At Me by Geri Halliwell is D and E is Cydni Lauper's Girls Just Wanna Have Fun...

6.09pm It wasn't to be for Russell on Pointless tonight, but he did make magic at Christmas...

6.07pm So we've got Quentin Tarantino, Lucille Ball, Charles Dickens and Johnny Depp left - can Russell pick the lowest scoring answer again?

6.05pm These Pointless Strictly celebs absolutely LOVED doing Strictly.

5.52pm Sophie Ellis-Bextor pulls PERSPIRE out of the bag. Not bad, but 13 people went for it.

Speaking of sweat, we'd bet they're all sweating backstage ahead of tonight's show.

Empire, umpire, esquire, entire, fire, desire, retire? Oh Len, why must you leave us?

We're rolling them out in the hopes that at least ONE will be Pointless.

5.38pm The weather's not looking great this week, is it? While we wait for that Pointless Strictly special, let's talk about sunnier matters!

5.30pm What's that you say Richard? Hmmm, to make dinner or to play Pointless?

... or was Baz Lurhmann WAY ahead of his time with the old satire there?

I can never think of the Paso without being reminded of the utterly amazing one from Aussie dance movie Strictly Ballroom.

5.00pm Ok, so we know Gregg and Judge Rinder can JUMP, but if Ed Balls pulls this move out of the bag again tonight we're guessing he'll take the Twitter leaderboard by storm.

He's dancing to Are You Lonesome Tonight by Elvis, by the by. Pull off that move 'in da club' tonight and you'll never be lonesome again you guys.

4.40pm Last night we asked you if Judge Rinder could be this series' dark horse.

4.30pm Speaking of the Labour party, if he could win another Leadership election, could Jeremy Corbyn win Strictly?

4.20pm As we said earlier, Ed Balls is set to be one of tonight's must-see contestants.

He's already taking a lot of flack online – in very good spirits – but why on earth did he want to sign up for Strictly?

4.00pm Afternoon Strictly fans, and what a fine sunny Saturday it is in London. We've been Cha Cha-ing our way around the supermarket in anticipation of tonight's second episode, and talking about Judge Rinder's take on the dance with anyone who'll listen.

Of course the question on everyone's lips is can Ed Balls steal the week one limelight? Everybody's waiting to see the former Shadow Chancellor in action.

But before we get down to the nitty gritty, there are a few questions that need answering...


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