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So which High Street salad has as much saturated fat as one-and-a-half Big Macs? We take a look at the saints and the sinners

April 24, 2018 12:16 AM
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A salad lunch from a High Street chain sounds virtuous, but is that always the case?

Here, dietitian Helen Bond considers at five of the best and five of the worst.

358g, take away £5.35, eat in £6.40. Calories, 515; saturated fat, 11.4g; sugar, 4.9g; fibre, 8g; protein, 16.6g; salt, 2g.

This looks healthy, with broccoli, peas, quinoa, avocado, cucumber and cheese, but it has nearly the same amount of calories as Leon’s Thai green chicken curry and twice the fat, with 57 per cent of your daily maximum saturated fat and a third of your daily salt. However, the peas and quinoa provide a third of your daily protein and fibre intake.

276g, £3.89. Calories, 341; saturated fat, 2.9g; sugar, 6.2g; fibre, 1.9g; protein, 25g; salt, 1.7g.

380g, £2.50. Calories, 594; saturated fat, 15.4g; sugar, 7.6g; fibre, 4.2g; protein, 19.8g; salt, 1.6g.

323g, take away £4.75, eat in £5.70. Calories, 636; saturated fat, 6.1g; sugar, 9g; fibre 5g; protein, 25g; salt, 2.1g.

359g, £3.30. Calories, 248; saturated fat, 6.6g; sugar, 4.1g; fibre, 3.9g; protein, 15g; salt, 3g.

255g, take away £3, eat in £3.60. Calories, 232; saturated fat, 1.8g; sugar, 9.3g; fibre, n/a; protein, 14g; salt, 1.3g.

285g, take away £4.95, eat in £5.95. Calories, 525; saturated fat, 5g; sugar, 6g; fibre, 8g; protein, 10g; salt, 1g.

285g, £3.50. Calories, 333; saturated fat, 3.7g; sugar, 4.3g; fibre, 23.7g; protein, 18g; salt, 1.65g.

345g, £3.50. Calories, 158; saturated fat, 0.8g; sugar, 6.7g; fibre, 3.6g; protein, 13.8g; salt, 1.2g.

200g, £3. Calories, 162; saturated fat, 2.1g; sugar, 2.5g; fibre, 2.3g; protein, 15g; salt, 0.97g.

285g, £2.80. Calories, 390; saturated fat, 1.4g; sugar, 10.3g; fibre, 12.8g; protein, 23.5g; salt, 1.19g.


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