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Salvador Dali: DNA test proves Spanish psychic not his daughter

September 6, 2017 4:34 PM
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Salvador Dali: DNA test proves Spanish psychic not his daughter

Maria Pilar Abel claimed she was Dali's illegitimate child after the famous surrealist had an affair with her mother in the 1950s.

The Salvador Dali Foundation said the Madrid court that ordered the test informed it that Maria Pilar Abel, a 61-year-old tarot card reader from Girona, has no biological relationship with Dali.

"The DNA tests show that Pilar Abel is not Dali's daughter," the foundation said in a statement, adding that it was happy the "absurd" claim had been resolved.

Ms Abel persuaded a Spanish judge to order the exhumation of Dali's remains in July, believing she was his illegitimate offspring.

Born in 1956, she claimed she was the result of an extra-marital affair her mother had with the married artist while working as a maid in his household during the 1950s.

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The psychic, who claimed she was entitled to part of his huge estate, had a DNA test herself, saying her priority was to be recognised as Dali's daughter and change her name to Dali.

"I want to know who I am. That is what I hope for. To know the truth," she said at the time.

A court spokesman said the court has not made the test results public, but has informed the parties in the case.

The painter's remains will be returned to his coffin, which is buried in the Dali Museum Theater in the northeastern Spanish town of Figueres, Dali's birthplace.

Dali was one of the most famous artists from the 20th century surrealist period, painting pictures like the melting clocks in the 1931 work The Persistence Of Memory.

He married his wife, Gala, in 1934, and the couple remained together up until her death in 1982.

They had no children and after his death in 1989, aged 84, he left his estate to the Spanish state.

Famous for his long, waxed moustache, he was known for outrageous behaviour such as giving lectures in an old-fashioned deep-sea diving suit and driving from Spain to Paris in a white Rolls Royce filled with cauliflowers.

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