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A real mirror image! Incredible moment artificial intelligence software creates a 3D model of a person in seconds after videoing their main features

April 16, 2018 1:05 AM
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A new algorithm in artificial intelligence enables a 3D model of a person to be created in just a few seconds after videoing their features.

Artificial intelligence is used during video games and virtual reality to create 3D objects of people and objects.

But typically it requires special equipment when filming in order to transfer the video of someone into a 3D figure.

New video software is able to take the footage and transfer it into the model in seconds from just one angle.

A minute-and-a-half long video shows how the algorithm is able to transform the images of men and women into a 3D character after they turn around themselves, Science Magazine reported.

The creation happens in three stages where first the software analyzes a video of the person moving to capture all sides.

It is able to roughly locate the body's shape and where the joints are in the first stage.

Then during the second stage, the system puts the virtual reality character into a T-shape to mirror the human standing in front of the camera. This allows it to create a more accurate model.

For the third and final stage of the creation, the 3D model receives color and texture that mirrors the model's hair, clothing and skin.

According to Science Magazine, the software system has an average accuracy within 5mm of the figure in front of the camera.


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