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Phone Battery SHOCK: iPhone 8, Samsung S8 and more Smartphones handed GREAT NEWS by O2

December 17, 2017 7:00 AM
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Phone Battery SHOCK: iPhone 8, Samsung S8 and more Smartphones handed GREAT NEWS by O2

02 has conducted some pretty interesting research regarding Britons' relationship with their smartphone battery life.

According to 02, half (50%) of Brits are suffering from mobile phone battery anxiety, with a quarter (23%) feeling the worry about their battery life draining on a daily basis.

Amazingly, Brits that fear being caught out with a flat battery (30%) falls just behind those that fear theft (35%) in the nation’s top mobile phone worries.

The findings are part of O2’s Future of Mobile Life Report, which has been commissioned to explore how advances in mobile technology will affect customers of the future.

As smart phones become an ever-more present part of society, and customers’ demand for data increases, 'FoRo' is only set to grow.

Over two fifths (43%) of respondents admitted that their fears have increased over the last five years, whilst two fifths (40%) of have taken actions into their own hands, carrying at least one portable charger as a backup.

The Just-in-Timers: As soon as the phone battery icon turns red, anxiety sets in for this tribe which accounts for almost two in five (39%). However, it’s not all doom and gloom as they still get fair warning before completely running out.

The Worriers: These constant worriers never want to be caught out, putting their phone on charge before it even reaches the 50% mark. This constant state of FoRo impacts over a quarter (27%) of the population.

The Planners: Representing 17% of Brits (and 24% of 18-24-year olds), this group are always charging both their mobile and portable charger before heading out and almost never leave the house or office without a full battery (and a power pack to hand).

The Last Minuters: The smallest proportion (at just 7%) wait until the last moment. They may not constantly worry, but are filled with blind panic and commonly caught out when they need their phone the most.


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