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People who died in 2018: List of celebrities and famous people who died in 2018

January 1, 2019 4:06 PM
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People who died in 2018: List of celebrities and famous people who died in 2018

AS we step into 2019, we remember some of most famous and well known faces who lost their lives in 2018. Here is the full list of celebrities who died in 2018.

2018 was a year fans had to say goodbye to many much loved celebrities across the globe. Famous names include Swedish DJ Avicii, June Whitfield, Stephen Hawking and former US President George H.W. Bush. Here is the list of celebrities and famous people who sadly lost their lives in 2018.

Jon Paul Steuer, Actor. Died age 33 – played Alexander Rozhenko in “Star Trek: The Next Generation”

Ray Thomas, Musician. Died age 76 – founding member of the rock group The Moody Blues “Nights In White Satin”

Jerry Van Dyke, Actor. Died age 86 – played David Crabtree in TV show “My Mother the Car"(1965) and Luther Van Dam on “Coach” (1989-97)

John Young, Captain, USN/NASA Astronaut. Died age 87 – flew on the first manned Gemini mission (1965) and five more missions including a moon walk (1972)

Denise LaSalle, Blues Singer. Died age 78 – recognized as the “Queen of the Blues”, top hit “Trapped By A Thing Called Love” (1971)

Donnelly Rhodes, Actor. Died age 80 – played convict Dutch Leitner on TV show “Soap” (1977-81)

Doreen Tracey, Actress/Singer. Died age 74 – a regular on TV show “Mickey Mouse Club” (1955-58)

Keith Jackson, Sportscaster. Died age 89 – the voice of ABC Sports’ College football coverage (1966–2006)

Naomi Stevens, Actress. Died age 92 – an extremely popular character actress (1950s-’80s) played Mrs. Dreyfus in the 1960 movie “The Apartment”

Dolores O’Riordan, Singer. Died age 46 – lead singer for rock band the Cranberries; top hits “Linger” and “Zombie”

Peter Wyngarde, Actor. Died age 90 – portrayed Jason King in TV shows Department S (1969–70) and Jason King (1971–72)

Jessica Falkholt, Actress. Died age 29 – played Hope Morrison in Australian TV series “Home and Away”

Simon Shelton, Actor. Died age 52 – played Tinky Winky in the BBC TV show “Teletubbies” (1997-2001)

Dorothy Malone, Actress. Died age 92 – played Constance MacKenzie on Peyton Place (1964-68)

Wendell Castle, Artist/Furniture maker. Died age 85 – probably the father of “furniture art”

John Coleman, TV Meteorologist. Died age 83 – original weatherman on ABC’s Good Morning America (1975) and co-founder of The Weather Channel (1982)

Mort Walker, Cartoonist. Died age 94 – wrote the newspaper comic strips Beetle Bailey (1950) and Hi and Lois (1954)

Mark Salling, Actor/Musician. Died age 35 – portrayed Noah “Puck” Puckerman on TV show “Glee”(2009-13)

Dennis Edwards, Singer. Died age 74 – lead singer for The Temptations (1968-77) “Papa Was a Rollin’ Stone”

John Mahoney, Actor. Died age 77 – played Martin Crane (Frazier’s Dad) on TV show “Frasier” (1993-2004)

Jill Messick, Producer. Died age 50 – “She’s All That and” “Mean Girls”

Reg E. Cathey, Actor. Died age 59 – portrayed Freddy Hayes in “House of Cards” (2013-17)

John Gavin, Actor/Politician. Died age 86 – portrayed Julius Caesar in “Spartacus” (1960); U.S. Ambassador to Mexico (1981-86)

Vic Damone, Singer/Songwriter. Died age 89 – “You’re Breaking My Heart” (1949); “On the Street Where You Live (1956)

Louise Latham, Actress. Died age 95 – played Bernice Edgar in Alfred Hitchcock’s movie “Marnie” (1964)

Daryle Singletary, C&W Singer. Died age 46 – “I Let Her Lie” (1995), “Amen Kind of Love” (1996)

Emma Chambers, Actress. Died age 53 – played Alice Tinker in BBC show “The Vicar of Dibley” (1994-98)

Nanette Fabray, Actress/Singer/Dancer. Died age 97 – Sid Caesar’s comedy partner on “Caesar’s Hour” 1954-57), played Katherine Romano on the TV show “One Day at a Time” (1979-84)

Lewis Gilbert, Producer/Director. Died age 97 – “Alfie” (1966), “Shirley Valentine” (1989), “You Only Live Twice” (1967)

Peter Miles, Actor. Died age 89 – played Rotane in several episodes of “Blake’s 7”

Bill Burkette, Singer. Died age 75 – original member of ‘The Vogues’, “You’re the One”, “Five O’Clock World”

Ronnie Prophet, C&W Musician. Died age 80 – performed in Canadian TV shows “Grand Old Country” and “The Ronnie Prophet Show”

Craig Mack, Singer/rapper. Died age 47 – also known as MC EZ, biggest hit was “Flava in Ya Ear”

Jim Bowen, Comedian. Died age 80 – host of ITV’s game show Bullseye (1981-95)

Frank Avruch, Actor. Died age 89 – portrayed Bozo the star of “Bozo the Clown” syndicated TV show (1959-70)

Anna-Lisa, Actress. Died age 84 – played Nora Travers on “Black Saddle” (1959-60)

Charles Lazar, Entrepreneur. Died age 94 – founder and CEO of Toy “R” Us toy chain (1957-2018)

DuShon Monique Brown, Actress. Died age 49 – played Connie in TV show “Chicago Fire” (2012-present)

Debbie Lee Carrington, Actress. died age 58 – played Little Bigfoot in Harry and the Hendersons (1987)

Delores Taylor, Actress. Died age 85 – developed the character “Billy Jack’ and starred in all three Bill Jack movies; “Billy Jack” (1971), “The Trial of Billy Jack” (1974), “Billy Jack Goes to Washington” (1974)

Linda Brown, Civil Rights figure. Died age 76 – was the subject of a Supreme Court case which outlawed school segregation (Brown v. Board of Education – 1954)

Bill Maynard, Actor/Comedian. Died age 89 – lead role in “Oh No, It’s Selwyn Froggitt!" (1976–78)

Steven Bochco, TV Writer/Producer. Died age 74 – “Hill Street Blues” (1981-87), ” L.A. Law” (1986-94)

Susan Anspach, Actress. Died age 75 – played Catherine Van Oost in “Five Easy Pieces” (1970) and Nina Blume in “Blume in Love” (1973)

Tim O’Connor, Actor. Died age 90 – played Dr. Elias Huer in “Buck Rogers in the 25th Century”

Chuck McCann Actor/Comedian. Died age 83 – hosted childrens TV show “The Chuck McCann Show”

Yvonne Staples Gospel/R&B Singer. Died age 80 – Family gospel group The Staple Singers #1 hit “Let’s Do It Again”

Alex Beckett, Actor. Died age 35 – played Barney Lumsden in BBC TV show “Twenty Twelve” (2012)

R. Lee Ermey, Actor. Died age 74 – (Sgt. USMC retired) played Gunnery Sergeant Hartman in “Full Metal Jacket” (1967)

Harry Anderson, Actor. Died age 65 – played Judge Harry Stone on TV show “Night Court” (1984-92)

Pamela Gidley, Actress. Died age 52 – starred in “Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me”

Dale Winton, TV Host. Died age 62 – “Dale’s Supermarket Sweep” (1993-2007) “In It to Win It” (2002-16)

Kristin Nelson, Actress. Died age 72 – married to Rick nelson and appeared regularly on “The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet”

Robert Mandan, Actor. Died age 86 – played Chester Tate on TV sitcom “Soap” (1977-81)

Steve Coy, Musician. Died age 56 – played drums and keyboard for the rock group “Dead or Alive” (1982-2016)

Catherine Godbold, Actress. Died age 43 – played Deborah Hale Regnery on “The Saddle Club” (2007-09)

Margot Kidder, Actress. Died age 93 – played Lois Lane in three Superman movies (1978,’80,’83)

Tom Wolfe, Author/Journalist. Died age 88 – wrote the novel “The Right Stuff” (1979)

Joseph Campanella, Actor. Died age 93 – played Lew Wickersham in “Mannix” and Joe Turino on “The Guiding Light”

Patricia Morison, Actress. Dies age 103 – played Maid Marian in “The Prince of Thieves” (1947)


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