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Midterm elections: What are the Midterm elections? Why are they important to Donald Trump?

November 5, 2018 3:09 PM
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Midterm elections: What are the Midterm elections? Why are they important to Donald Trump?

MIDTERM elections are set to change the political consistency of Congress, the core legislative body in the US. What are the midterm elections and why are they important to Donald Trump?

Midterm elections in the US are taking place tomorrow on November 6, as residents in the country vote in both constituent chambers.

The House of Representatives and the Senate are both electing new constituents.

The House's full composition of 435 is to be replaced, alongside a third of the Senate’s 100-strong population.

At the moment, polls are pointing towards a Democrat majority in the House, and a Republican majority in the Senate, which could complicate future legislative decisions.

This will be a major concern for President Trump, who relies on a Republican majority in the House and Senate to be able to expedite bills into law.

Midterm elections always take place in the middle of an incumbent President’s term, hence the phrase ‘midterm’.

Every four years, these elections are used to determine the composition of the House of Representatives and Senate chambers of Congress.

This directly affects how the US is governed, as Congress is the body which passes a proposed ‘bill’ in order for laws to be drafted.

Those in Congress are responsible for permitting or preventing presidential promises from becoming law.

Midterms can often be more important than general elections, as the composition of Congress is the backbone of the President’s government.

If the President’s own party is in control, they will be able to accelerate their policies through the House and Senate, leading them to eventually become law.


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