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Man bravely defends female passenger on train after racist commuter screams at her 'to go home'

January 6, 2017 6:06 PM
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A woman was caught on video making racist comments to a female passenger on a Toronto train.

The unsettling footage of the incident was posted on Tran's Facebook page urging his friends and members of social media to stand up to racism the way he did.

As Tran overhears the woman harassing the passenger he steps in to defend her.

'For me to go back to my country?', Tran asks and then tells the woman he is Canadian.

The foul-mouth woman tells Tran to 'f*** off' and walks over to harass the passenger again.

'Who gave you that?', she's heard asking the woman about her cell phone.

Tran defends the passenger's right to own her cell phone: 'Did you buy that phone? Did you buy that phone, Miss?', he asks.

The man tells her woman to watch her language, but she repeatedly tells him to shut his mouth.

'You shut your mouth, you shut your dirty f****** mouth!', she shouts.

The two continue to bicker back and forth before an unseen passenger tells Tran to leave the bully alone.

The other person's comments are not heard clearly in the video, but she presumably tells Tran to no longer get involved.

The woman continues to shout at him right before he abruptly gets up and tells her he had been recording her.

Tran's abrupt stance on led one nearby passenger to initially believe he was going to take physical action on the woman.

'No, I will not harm another person. I will not touch anyone,' he says. He turns to the woman and continues to tell her she has been caught on camera.

The woman tells Tran to 'get lost' as he walks out of the train and onto the platform.

The full video shows Tran walking over to alert the driver about the incident.

Although one passenger told him it was better to ignore the bully, Tran has received a lot of support for standing up to the woman after taking the video to social media.

'If popularity has shown us....we will not tolerate this behaviour,' he wrote in a Facebook post.


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