This is why you should never walk and text: CCTV shows thieves on bikes plucking phones straight out of the hands of unwitting pedestrians

June 4, 2016 1:10 PM

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City of London Police have released two shocking videos depicting mobile phone theft on the streets of the capital - and the chilling thing is, it could happen to anyone.

One gif, taken from CCTV footage, shows a man in a long black coat strolling down a dark street busy tapping on his phone.

Suddenly a thief in a grey top on a bicycle zooms past and grabs the phone straight out of the man's hands and speeds off to the horror of the mugging victim.

City Police wrote online: '#Mobilephone snatches can happen at any time and place, so keep your eyes peeled otherwise this could happen'.

Another video shows a man - again walking down a dark street on his mobile - with a bag over his shoulder.

Another man walks towards the camera but another two loiter on a moped, clearly planning their attack strategy.

Shortly after the two pedestrians pass each other, the criminals charge forwards on their vehicle.

As they overtake the man the rider behind the driver sticks out a hand and snatches the phone.

The alarmed victim starts to run after in the hopes of catching up with the thieves, looking behind him for support.

A good Samaritan walking behind him begins to run too, but it seems the case is useless - the moped is much too fast.

City Police's Twitter page, where the clips were uploaded, also urge the public to get their phones registered to help them track down stolen belongings.


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