‘I used to count all the time’: Joey Essex triumphs over Matthew Wright in I’m A Celebrity trial rematch

November 20, 2013 11:19 PM

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The TOWIE star was seen on Wednesday night’s show taking on the outspoken TV presenter in the Up To Your Neck In It challenge – which saw them both having to endure ten minutes in a plastic critter-filled tube.

While both managed to withstand the cavalcade of mealworms, milipedes, crabs and cockroaches, the crunch came when the pair once again had to decide the trial by tiebreaker.

Faced with the task of having to predict when 60 seconds had elapsed by pressing a button, Matthew estimated the time six seconds early, while Joey pressed his button five seconds late.

As a result he won the trial – and the meals for the Snake Rock camp – while Matthew once again returned to Croc Creek empty handed.

As Matthew and the rest of his team faced yet another night of basic rations, ‘Poor Matthew’ also began trending on the social networking site.

While both Joey and Matthew have been chosen for the last two trials, one of them is guaranteed a break from the next trial – as only one campmate will be chosen to take part.

Source: metro.co.uk

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