Is Spring here already? We'll be hotter than MOROCCO by end of the week before UK is hit by 70 mph storms

January 5, 2015 11:24 AM

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Temperatures are set to soar to double figures across Britain this week before wet and windy weather with gusts of up to 70mph hits on Friday.

Conditions will be mild and dry for much of this week, with the mercury set to reach 11C in some parts today, 12C tomorrow and up to 14C by Friday – making the UK hotter than Morocco.

However, despite the warmer weather – which will see temperatures more than double the January average of 6.4C – the end of the week will bring a spell of wet and windy weather.

A low pressure system moving across Britain early Friday will bring gale-force winds of up to 70mph in some parts of northern Scotland, and up to 50mph across the rest of the UK.

Forecasters said there will be some 'quite strong gusts of wind particularly in northern parts' but added that all parts of Britain will see high winds.

She said the far north of Scotland could see winds in excess of 70mph, and perhaps stronger in Shetland, while much of the UK will see winds of between 40mph and 50mph in coastal areas.

The winds on Friday will come as a result of a low pressure system brought by a 200knot jet stream which is heading for the UK.

However, before the stormy weather sets in, Britain will experience fairly mild conditions, with temperatures considerably higher than last week.

The mercury will reach between 10C and 11C in most parts of southern England today, and 7C to 8C in northern regions. The national average temperature for January is 6.4C.

It will be even warmer on Tuesday, with temperatures reaching 12C widely, before it dips overnight to lows of just 1C to 2C.

Miss Young said the sudden drop in temperature on Tuesday night could cause fog and frost on Wednesday morning.

She said Wednesday would see temperatures return to double figures, with warmer air from the Atlantic moving across the country.

By Friday and Saturday temperatures are expected to reach up to 14C in some places, with overnight temperatures of 10C to 11C, she said.

It means Britain will be hotter than Spain, Turkey, Malta, Majorca and Morocco.

Miss Young added: 'It's a really mixed week, it gradually gets warmer as the week goes on. It will be very, very mild.

Last week, temperatures plummeted to -4C in some parts of the country and daytime temperatures averaged at just 2C.


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