Sophie Kasaei Gives Her New Man A Steamy Lap Dance While A Shook Marnie Simpson Films It

October 12, 2018 10:38 AM

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Best believe Sophie Kasaei isn't afraid of a bit of PDA as she turned up the heat with her boyfriend, Jay, last night.

The Geordie Shore lass performed a VERY steamy lapdance that left Marnie Simpson and Casey Johnson positively shook, but not so shook they weren't able to capture the whole thing on video for all to see.

WARNING, DEFINITELY NOT SAFE FOR WORK: Play to see Sophie Kasaei's saucy lap dance and Jay's cheeky nipple lick...

And Soph isn't the only one who's into showing affection in public as her lad went in for what can only be described an attempted nipple lick.

Soph was defo dressed the part in a sexy body-con bodice ensemble which did a brilliant job of accentuating what Jay would describe as "the baps".

Marnie and Casey seemed both shocked and impressed all at the same time during Soph's display, as in the clip they can be heard repeatedly saying "oh my god," and "wow."

And it seems Soph and Jay, who recently went Instagram official, literally couldn't keep their hands off each other all night. Over on Instagram stories, there was kissing, flirting and at one point, some growling.

Plus it looks like the radgies pulled an all-nighter, as the sun was coming up by the time they were making their way back home.


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