Sherlock Lives: Surprise Sherlock series three trailer sends Twitter into meltdown

November 23, 2013 9:46 PM

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A trailer for the third series of Sherlock popped up after The Day of the Doctor, and Sherlockians got a little overexcited.

Those who tuned in to the 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who were given another treat in the form of a short teaser revealing some previously never-before-seen footage.

John Watson popped up in all his mustachioed glory, as did Sherlock’s colleague Anderson, sporting a new beard.

In keeping with Sherlock’s modern day setting, a Holmes fan can be seen holding up her mobile phone as tweets and hastags pop up all over the screen.

However, those hoping for an air date confirmation were left sorely disappointed, as the words ‘Coming Soon’ appeared on the screen in the trailer’s closing moments.

As #SherlockLives trended on Twitter, fans were beside themselves with glee.

‘The #SherlockLives trailer was so epic…that My wifi couldn’t handle it and it just went dead for 5 minutes. It was THAT serious’ one person wrote.

‘Cannot wait for new Sherlock… It’s been away for too long!!!’ and ‘MY HEART CANNOT HANDLE THIS’ were also among the many, many ecstatic tweets.


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