Muhammad Ali dies aged 74: Greatest boxer of all time passes away with family at his side after being rushed to hospital with breathing problems following 32-year battle with Parkinson's

June 4, 2016 6:15 AM

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December 1981: Ali announced his retirement after a defeat to Trevor Berbick - and immediately began showing symptoms of Parkinson's soon afterwards, the Guardian reported.

1984: Three years later, he was officially diagnosed with the incurable disease. His tremors became noticeable, his speech was slurred and his body movements slow.

July 1996: In what has become an iconic and historic image, a visibly shaking Ali carried the Olympic torch and lit the cauldron to kick of the Olympic Games in Atlanta, Georgia.

His condition continued to worsen but he remained active as far as the early 2000's and even helped promote his own biopic, Ali, in 2001.

January 2005: After then US President George Bush awarded him the Presidential Medal of Freedom - the highest US civilian honor - he began to retreat from the public eye.

November 2011: Aged 69, the three time heavyweight champion was taken to an Arizona hospital to be treated for dehydration after passing out in a car.

December 2014: Ali was admitted to an undisclosed hospital, presumably in Arizona, to be treated for what was initially thought to be a mild case of pneumonia.

It later transpired that he was suffering from a urinary tract infection.

It later transpired that he was suffering from a urinary tract infection.

January 2015: Unlike on his 73rd birthday, the family released no pictures of themselves celebrating his birthday on January 17.


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