Gary Barlow: I was hated but I’m no longer haunted

November 22, 2013 4:01 PM

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Exclusive: Gary Barlow has told Guilty Pleasures he’s no longer ‘haunted’ by the hate and expectation he was targeted with when he first tried to go it alone after Take That.

On the eve of his solo comeback, Gaz says he’ll happy ride the wave as he craves being ‘popular and liked’ and knows his national treasure status could slip through his fingers once more.

‘To be there thinking “will people like it?” and “what do people think about me?”…that’s not a good place to be. That was the place that I was in 14 years ago,’ he said.

The 42-year-old says he’s here to prove you don’t need to be fashionable to be a hit.

Barlow says a positive reception to a mini tour last Christmas and an all-time high in his personal life gave him the courage to go alone once more.

‘I’m the most comfortable I’ve ever been. I like to work. I like to feel like I am needed. It just gets me out of bed every morning,’ he gushed.

Gary’s new single Let Me Go is out now and his album Since I Saw You Last is out on November 25.


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