'EU still important to Britain' Trade will benefit from staying IN union says Umunna

June 3, 2016 12:26 PM

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'EU still important to Britain' Trade will benefit from staying IN union says Umunna

LIFE in Britain would be more expensive if voters choose to leave the European Union (EU) Chuka Umunna has claimed.

Britain has had some important benefits from being part of the EU including trading partners and exports, the Labour MP said in today's Express EU debate.

Panelists from both the Remain and Leave camps set out their arguments in a head to head battle at the central London offices.

Labour's Chuka Umunna told the audience that a vote to leave would not stop trade with EU countries as some had claimed, but said it would make things harder to come by and more expensive.

He said: "I am not arguing that if we left the EU we would not be able to trade at all."

The MP explained that under World Trade organisation rules, Britain would be forced to pay a 10 per cent tariff on cars produced abroad if the UK voted to leave.

Umunna also added that 28 per cent of the UK's produce comes from Europe - and the cost of basic food items such as fruit and vegetables could go up if the country left the EU.

Adding that 44 per cent of British exports go to EU customers, he said: "The EU is a far bigger and important customer than we are to each of the other member states. They are a huge customer.

"If you look at the 27 other states 5 per cent of their exports come to us from each of them. We are much less important to them as they are to us."

He also said David Cameron had got some "important things" from his negotiations, but he "never said it was groundbreaking".

Richard Reed meanwhile told the audience he had asked 222 high growth entrepreneurs what they thought of a Brexit, and said only 12 said they didn't know or did not want to answer while all the rest voted to say in.

But UKIP leader Nigel Farage objected to the comments, shouting "impossible", as Mr Rees-Mogg also criticised the validity of the survey.

Source: express.co.uk

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