EU CIVIL WAR: Hungary promises to bring Brussels to its knees by BLOCKING bloc's budget

May 4, 2018 10:20 AM

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HUNGARIAN prime minister Viktor Orban has threatened to bring the European Union to its knees by refusing to back the bloc’s latest budget proposals.

Mr Orban told Hungarians they “should not worry” about Brussels’ proposal to tie the distribution of EU funds to respect for rule of law.

Hungary is one of the bloc’s largest beneficiary of so-called cohesion funds, which are designed to help bridge the gap between the Continent’s richer and poorer nations.

However, the European Commission’s new proposals for its post-2020 cohesion budget includes a series of conditions for eligibility, including rule of law compliance and applying more restrictions on how EU funds can be used.

The Commission proposed the introduction of a “conditionality” mechanism, which would allow Brussels to withdraw and even cut off funding to countries deemed not to be respecting the rule of law or the bloc’s fundamental visions.


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