Donald Trump will trigger World War 3: Iran and Turkey threaten US in Jerusalam Israel row

December 6, 2017 9:06 AM

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Donald Trump will trigger World War 3: Iran and Turkey threaten US in Jerusalam Israel row

DONALD Trump risks sparking a religious war in the Middle East and “angering Muslims” if he recognises Jerusalem as Israel’s capital city today, Turkey and Iran have warned.

Turkish prime minister, Binary Yildirim is among a host of leaders who are furious that Mr Trump is expected to recognise Jerusalem, rather than Tel Aviv, as the Israeli capital in a speech in Washington, later today.

Mr Yildirim warned that the move could spark a holy war and make their problems “unresolvable” in the region.

He said that it was vital for the Middle East and for global peace that the US president not make such an announcement later today.

But Mr Trump appears to be pressing ahead with the significant US policy change to defy the Arab world, amid further plans to move the US embassy there.

US officials said that he had instructed the State Department to begin the process of moving the American embassy from Tel Aviv to the holy city - a move that could cause chaos in the Middle East.

Iran’s Supreme leader, Ali Khamenei, expressed his anger over the decision to move the US embassy to Jerusalem, saying it would be a sign of “incompetence and failure.”

Pope Francis also urged Mr Trump not to make the declaration about Jerusalem, as it was vital to "recognise the rights of all people", in the Holy Land to continue dialogue.

Jerusalem is sacred to Christians, Jews and Muslims and is a contentious part of Israel-Palestinian negotiations.

Following the 1967 Middle East war, Israel declared Jerusalem as its capital. But the claim is not recognised by the international community or Palestinians.

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