Daredevil schoolboy's stunning drone video of a dizzying Norwegian mountain becomes an internet hit

June 3, 2016 2:16 PM

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A breathtaking scenic video shot by a 17-year-old schoolboy using his drone has become a viral sensation online with over 1.2million views and over 21,000 shares in just a week.

Amazed Simen Haughom shot the movie at Norwegian beauty spot Mount Kjerag, soaring dramatically above a fjord.

Now he's becoming one of the world's best known nature cameramen after uploading the film onto Facebook.

Schoolboy Simen - who lives with his family in Sirdal - had used his dad Frank as a makeshift stuntman to give the video its dramatic sense of scale.

Frank had to hike from one location to another rapidly changing costumes to play a walker, a climber and a base jumper.

He edited the video after school with big brother Frederik, 21, creating the soundtrack.

Simen often goes filming with dad Frank and together they have their own Facebook picture page Sirdal i bilder.

'The school's webpage has also shared it, and many of the classes at my school use it in the teaching, for example in geography.

Source: dailymail.co.uk

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