From candied beetroot to crunchy purple carrots, artist creates beautiful works of art from REAL fruit and vegetables – and hopes to inspire healthy eating

January 5, 2015 10:58 AM

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As she cuts open deep red radishes to reveal the pink rings inside, you might think Amber Locke is creating an elaborate salad.

But while she tears up lambs lettuce and arranges waxy-skinned chillies, she is actually creating an exquisite piece of art.

Artist, vegan cook and blogger Ms Locke has made a series of designs in which she lays real fruit and vegetables on a sheet and photographs them from above.

She says the idea for 'veg art' blossomed from her own passion for a fruit and vegetable-based diet and living a healthy lifestyle.

Eighteen months ago she decided to follow a vegan diet, which was not for ethical or health reasons but simply because it makes her feel 'fantastic'.

She accidentally dropped some vegetables she was carrying home onto her flagstone doorstep, and some autumn leaves blew into them.

It looked so beautiful, she decided to start creating other pieces of art, deconstructing salads and placing the produce into intricate patterns in order to create gorgeous designs.

'I love the beauty of natural foods; their different colours, shapes, textures and characters,' she told MailOnline.

'So to me, fruit and veg are not only really good for you nutritionally they also have a wonderful aesthetic appeal too.


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