British woman raped in Egypt receives £1,000 payout and apology from Foreign Office

November 27, 2013 10:04 AM

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A British woman raped at a checkpoint in Egypt has received £1,000 in compensation and an apology from the Foreign Office after it failed to properly support her following the attack.

The woman complained she was treated with ‘impatience, rudeness and a serious lack of sensitivity’ when she asked staff for assistance following the attack in 2011.

She was raped when she was stopped at a checkpoint while travelling in the Sinai region, three months after the uprising which overthrew president Hosni Mubarak.

The victim, who believes her attacker was an Egyptian military officer, said she was subjected to an ‘extremely intimidating’ interview when she reported the crime to police.

She then went to the UK embassy in Cairo for help but was so unhappy with the response she made an official complaint.

Her grievance was upheld by the Parliamentary Ombudsman and the Foreign Office says it has since changed its procedures.

The embassy failed to tell the woman that they could accompany her to report the crime and help find a female doctor to examine her, the report said.

Parliamentary Ombudsman Dame Julie Mellor found the Foreign Officers was guilty of ‘maladministration and injustice’.

Her report added: ‘Ms M was far away from home, she had been through a terrifying ordeal, and the FCO were the only authority she could approach for help.


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