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Life on Mars: Humans will be vegan and have NO NETFLIX in space

October 10, 2018 10:07 PM
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Life on Mars: Humans will be vegan and have NO NETFLIX in space

Sci-fi films have in turn glamorised and shot down the dream of humans living on the Red Planet, but what would it really be like?

Professor Lewis Dartnell from the University of Westminster and interior designers Hillarys teamed up to explore what a Martian home would be like.

The project, “Home on Mars”, shows a model home fitted out with all of the specialist features needed to keep humans alive.

“But although living on Mars may sound exciting, would you want to spend most of your days indoors and not able to phone your friends and family back on Earth?”

This includes an airlock front door to maintain air pressure and oxygen levels in the home, as well as a protective layer of soil to shield from dangerous levels of radiation.

Special ‘space farms’ would also become key components of every home, as humans would need to become Martian farmers and produce their own crops.

Sadly for meat-lovers, cheeseburgers and steak would no longer be on the menu, with homeowners instead adopting a vegan diet with the possible occasional treat of insects — high in protein and essential fatty acids but requiring little space and resources to farm.

Home on Mars also sheds light on the difficulties of the social and emotional aspects of life on a new planet.


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