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'Hidey-hole' paedophile Michael Dunn still denies crimes

March 1, 2017 5:51 PM
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A judge branded Michael Dunn of Redcar, a devious, manipulative and controlling man with a volcanic temper

A devious paedophile who abused four people - hiding one girl from police in a “hidey-hole” behind his fridge - still denies his crimes as he starts a 27-year prison sentence.

Michael Dunn, 57, continued his catalogue of sexual abuse after one victim’s complaint was not pursued more than 20 years ago.

Today she saw justice at Teesside Crown Court after a jury believed her and three other women.

Judge Tony Briggs told Dunn: “The history reveals you to be a devious, manipulative and controlling man with a strong urge to dominate.

“You have a volcanic temper, particularly in drink, and alcohol has been a lifetime problem.

“You still deny any responsibility for your actions, saying they are all lies to get you convicted. You say you’ve done nothing wrong.”

Dunn is expected to serve at least 14-and-a-half years before he will be eligible for parole.

The judge paid tributes to the four sexual abuse survivors for their resilience, restraint and dignity despite the devastating impact on them.

Dunn carried out sex attacks on women and girls in crimes spanning five decades, during which he lived in Teesside, County Durham, Gateshead, Manchester and Cambridge.

The space behind his fridge was camouflaged with a false wall and guarded by German Shepherd dogs.

Dunn took advantage of the girl for his own sexual gratification and had her “in his thrall”, knowing she had already been raped and beaten by another man.

He groomed, molested and raped her as a child, said prosecutor Richard Bennett.

She was “gobsmacked”, told him to stop his sexual advances but he persisted and sexually assaulted her.

She did not want sex with him but he ignored her and repeatedly forced himself on her.

When Dunn moved to Redcar he turned his home into a “prison” kitted out with CCTV, where he padlocked two women into rooms with walkie-talkies.

The paranoid tormentor beat and repeatedly raped them, with the threat of violence when his sexual demands were not met.

Another vulnerable underage runaway reported him decades ago when he sexually assaulted her after giving her alcohol and cigarettes.

Her allegations were denied and contradicted, and she was told by Greater Manchester Police they were not taking the matter further.

He raped another pre-teenage girl, saying “you come here with me, I want you” then telling her: “It’s what boyfriends and girlfriends do.”

When she challenged him years later, he threatened to “have her done for slander”.

Dunn was finally brought to justice after one of the women made a police complaint in 2014.

Dunn, of Alfred Street, Redcar, was convicted by a jury on 16 charges - 10 of rape, three of indecent assault, three of false imprisonment.

Rod Hunt, defending, said Dunn had been a “wreck” and an alcoholic - an addiction now cured by prison - and was now being examined for cancer.

He said: “I suspect that at the heart of this case is simply drink and the defendant’s inability to see what he was like in drink.”

He said “it’s not all bad” as Dunn had raised and home-schooled successful children who had good memories of him, showing there was good alongside the darkness.

He said Dunn’s “gross weakness and gross stupidity” was he abused some of the victims’ affection for him, unable to deal with it normally.

The judge stopped short of a life sentence, saying: “Very sadly there are very much more horrific cases.”


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