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Geordie Shore 18 Premiere First Look: Scotty T Makes His Belta Return To The House With Two Big Surprises

October 9, 2018 8:32 AM
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Geordie Shore 18 Premiere First Look: Scotty T Makes His Belta Return To The House With Two Big Surprises

Anna’s never been one to shy away from giving our Geordie Shore family some reet belta surprises (and some not so mint ones too) in the house, and the new series is no different, with the big boss bringing in Scotty T as her assistant to help keep the radgies under control.

In this EXCLUSIVE first look at the premiere episode of the brand new series, we see the moment Scotty T makes his grand return to the house, bringing two more surprises with him in the process.

In this sneak peek clip, we see Anna keeping the lads and lasses firmly in suspense as they await the arrival of the new bigwig, with Chloe Ferry saying away from the house: “Howay Anna, cut to the chase before we’re all as old as you are. Who is your new business partner.”

Then, after making them wait than they’ve ever waited for a kebab in the local chippy, Scotty T eventually makes his pure mint entrance back into the house, saying: “Long time, no f*cking see!”

Away from the house, the lad explains: “Newcastle’s biggest arsehole is back in the mix and he’s landed himself a promotion!”

As Scotty T greets his fellow lads and lasses, Abbie Holborn, who shared a short-lived romance with him last time he was in the house, admits away from everyone: “When I was with Scott, he broke my heart, but now I’m seeing him, I don’t feel anything.

With Anna telling everyone to “treat Scott with the upmost respect,” Nathan Henry reveals his theory for how the lad landed the job: “Scott must be putting in a good shift, or shaft, in Anna to be getting the job. What the f*ck is going on?”

Keeping his new employees in check, Scott tells them: “See the thing is, you do what you need to do, keep me happy, keeps Anna happy, we’re all happy.”

The radge lad isn’t quite done there though, introducing even more new family members to the house in the form of some new pets – a couple of rats!

While most of the house scream in horror, Chloe’s totally chuffed, admitting: “Getting these rats off Scott is such a good present. This is perfect practice for when me and Sam have kids.”

Scotty T and Anna then head off to leave the radgies to get to know their new additions a little better, with Nathan sharing his true thoughts on the situation once they’ve gone: “I quit. I quit, I quit, I quit, I quit. F*ck Anna, f*ck Scott, f*ck the f*cking job, take your f*cking apple and f*ck off!”


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